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Why Hire An Interior Decorator Or Interior Designer?

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Interior Redesign

why hire an interior designer

Most people believe that hiring an interior designer/decorator is too expensive or that they might lose creative control. This is false! When you are working with an interior designer:

  • You are less likely to make expensive mistakes
  • More likely to stay on budget
  • You have an experienced interior designer helping you get the results you were hoping for
  • You will save time, money and decision making headaches

Some people struggle with the interior design process but interior designers are educated and have an eye for putting rooms together that “work” or look and feel great. When interior designers look at and plan a room, they always use a base of principles of design including: proportion, scale, balance, emphasis, rhythm and harmony. For a room to come together correctly, all of these principles should be though about beforehand. Interior designers also pay close attention to lines, shapes, space, mass, texture, color, light and patters. As interior designers ourselves, we stay knowledgeable in these areas to create interiors that are psychologically and physically comfortable as well as functional and beautiful.

Our Interior Designers Will:

  • Help you find and develop your own personal style: We have the experience and knowledge to help find your design style. We want to help you find the style that reflects who you are. There are a variety of design choices but our main focus will be to guide you to what works for you the best.
  • Help you solve problems: Every design project presents its own set of challenges. We are trained in resolving these problems and can help you solve design problems if they are to arise.
  • Help you prevent expensive mistakes: We have the knowledge to help you get it right the first time without spending tons of money on designs you are going to change over and over.
  • Help you make sure the job gets done right: As interior designers we work with some of the best contractors, painters and installers in the industry. If your project requires sub-contractors, we will make sure everything gets done on time every time.
  • Help you find the right resources: Working with interior designers gives you access to a world of fabrics, accessories and furnishings that are only available for interior designers only.

Not every project needs an interior designer from start to finish. Maybe you only need advice on a certain portion of your room or a couple things to add to a room to make it more complete. Either way Divine Redesign is here to help. Give us a call today to setup your consultation.


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  1. Just getting started. Need thoughts on how to begin my quest for an update on my 1100 sq. ft. house including help in developing a plan of attack and working with a contractor and interior designer. Need someone to help with the logistics, scheduling, material selection, etc. Never done anything like this before. Been in this house for 20 years, so ANY change is an upgrade (not needing to go high-end for the same reason). Also looking for dependable contractors you might be familiar with to solicit for bids.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

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