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Tips for Successfully Decorating Your Home – Part I

Posted on March 7, 2012 in Interior Redesign, New Decor, Style

There are many issues we deal with in the process of turning a house into a beautiful home. Don’t forget to call your interior redesigner, me! to help you resolve these problems. Let’s start with the subject of clutter.

Clutter is not always what you think it to be. It is not just piles of papers or stuff that needs to be weeded out and most likely thrown away. Clutter can also be too much of a good thing! The “more is better” approach we take to the objects we love can easily lead to over accessorized rooms. Clutter in truth is another word for confusion.

The eye and the brain need organization. Clutter limits the ability of the brain to focus and appreciate our surroundings. That is why we use the work clutter to identify such a situation. Good organization and therefore lack of clutter is what makes a room feel soothing to the senses, really, to the brain. Again, creating balance and harmony is the key to reducing clutter and making the most of the objects you are so fond of.

On occasion I have worked in a style which calls for, “more is better” and that is Country French. Still, the organization of an over abundance of objects, by most people’s standards, must be managed in order for the room to be comfortable to its inhabitants.

Next time we’ll talk about another key to good decorating…


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