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The Color of Paint – Part II

Posted on February 9, 2012 in Color, Paint

A frequent misconception I hear from people has to do with decorating a room from scratch.

They think that painting the walls is the place to begin the decorating process when actually painting is one of the last things you should do.  A more effective and successful way to decorate is to select your furnishings first. Again, knowing the color palette in the fabrics in the room will tell you what colors to use on the walls.  Walls painted with color selected to compliment your furnishings will give the room a custom finished look.

The colors you use should also suit your personality. You want your home to be beautiful and easy to live in; so what’s trendy, “what’s hot and what’s not” does not always apply here. If red is the new hot color for the season and you don’t like red, then what’s the point?

The Color of Paint is a six-part series. Read Part I.

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