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The Color of Paint – Part I

Posted on January 16, 2012 in Color, Paint

I have good news and bad news. The good news is homeowners are finally trading in their white walls and ceilings for the beauty and elegance of color.

The bad news is the “do-it-yourself” homeowner often relies on magazines and newspaper articles or television shows for information about current trends in decorating including how to choose a color palette for the walls of their home.

I say bad news because of my firm belief that much of this information can be misleading and can leave the homeowner feeling confused. These sources often suggest color palettes that are trendy, that are not easy to live with and the recommended applications simply do not make good decorating sense. I prefer a practical, sensible approach to selecting and applying color to our walls.

Here’s the Truth

The walls of your home should be painted with colors that enhance the color palette found in your fabrics and furnishings. Wall color should not detract from your furniture, art and accessories but take on a supporting role in your decorating scheme. In other words, when you walk into a room your eye should take in the entire room as a complete package. You should see the furnishings first and wall color should be seen second.

The Color of Paint is a six-part series. Check back soon for updates!

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