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Selecting Art Wisely

Posted on September 2, 2011 in Art

Once again there is an article in this morning’s paper I am compelled to comment on, this time about original art.

Everyone who comes to my home wants to know where I get mine. I find it everywhere; in junk stores, resale shops and other haunts. Of course, then I spend quite a few dollars on rematting and framing each item. The end result is wonderful pieces I will keep and treasure forever.

I once found a print by the artist Wolcott in a vintage store in Miami, AZ. A couple of years later I found the companion piece at a consignment shop in Fort Myers, Florida! You do have to hunt if you want to find unique items. I prefer to skip mass produced art, example: the one that depicts the couple dancing on the beach with the maid and/or butler holding the red umbrellas. Creeps me out! Not to say I won’t hang it for you if that’s what you want.

For those of you who decide to make art a serious part of your decorating but don’t have the time to hunt like I do, I suggest shopping at some of the finer furniture stores. There you can find one of a kind art that has been professionally matted and framed. To duplicate what has already been done in a framing store would cost a ton more than what you will pay retail for the complete package. Art is so important in the scheme of decorating your home. Let’s not just pick something and throw it at the wall!

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