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Resources and How To Use Them

Posted on April 10, 2012 in Interior Redesign, New Decor

I always brag about the great group of resources I bring to my clients projects.

Then as I was listing them in my mind I realized something: I AM your biggest resource!

Here’s the point of this posting. Recently within a matter of a few hours two clients called to tell me of a decision they had made on their own after soliciting an opinion from a person in a retail store. They thought they were doing the right thing, asking someone who is a professional in their field. They both asked me to come to the house and take a look. After seeing the look on my face they knew – they had made a mistake.

Actually, I think both parties already knew they had made a boo-boo and that’s why they called me. Sortofa cry for help! I couldn’t help myself and just had to ask, “why didn’t you call your decorator??” That’s me! Remember? – the person that has been your source of ideas and information? The one you originally called to make a plan for your décor? The gal you have been working with?

People please, never hesitate to call me. You know that I know your home and your intentions for decorating better than the person at the retail store or the contractor! You are never a bother; I want you call me. Never, never hesitate to call me with a question as I am your biggest resource. I can tell you if its right, if it makes sense and save you time and money.

I’m not writing this to make anyone feel bad.  There is a valuable lesson to be learned here and I think we all got it.  So glad to get this off my chest, thanks for listening, reading that is and for goodness sake, call me!

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