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The Latest in Trends

Posted on September 2, 2011 in Style

Earlier this week I noticed an article in our local paper stating that the latest trend in decorating was to install carpet. Since when is carpet a trend?

I digress; the photo is more the point of discussion. It showed a contemporary room with leopard carpet. It happens to look fantastic with this style décor. For most people, though, carpeting an entire room in leopard would take guts.

If you aren’t one with enough intestinal fortitude for this move, I have a solution or two for you. Simply add an area run in leopard with a border to your tiled or wood floors. We have rugs made to order all the time. It’s not an expensive investment and we can get the exact size your room needs. In other words, take it in small doses. You can always move the rug to another room such as a bedroom if you get tired of it in the family or living room.

My second solution is to hint at a leopard pattern by adding it with throw pillows. Go back to the home page and check out the pillows on the sofa. Who would have expected to find leopard throw pillows in this room? Thinking out of the box is what makes this room so inviting. Don’t be afraid to add the unexpected. It’s easy to swallow in small doses.

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