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Are you searching the internet for “Interior Design Mesa” or “Interior Decorator Mesa“, while looking for interior designers to help redesign your home? If so, Divine Redesign can help! To schedule your interior design consultation in Mesa, Arizona, give us a call today at 480-838-1020 and ask to speak to Deborah Goodacre.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you can walk into a home that has been decorated.

A beautifully decorated home, a place where the atmosphere is cozy and warm, as well as inviting is something that we all want for our homes. So, how would you go through the whole process of interior design or even redesigning your home and why is it important that you consult with an interior designer?

The reason is because you need to have an interior design plan. It doesn’t matter if your home is full of furniture or just a few items to create a whole new look, having a plan will let you have a successful outcome, and it is one that will make redecorating your home a really awesome experience.

Interior Design Services In Mesa:

Divine Redesign is a small yet successful interior design company that is located in the Tempe, Arizona area, that welcomes all interior design and redesign projects. Our designers enjoy working with various styles and aesthetics. We believe that all results need to reflect the personality and taste of the clients and that the style, function and value do go hand-in-hand. The main goal for all the design projects, whether they are large or small, is to simply give clients personal attention and dedication.

Divine Redesign Specializes In:

Interior Wall Color

Being able to have custom coordinated wall colors has simply amazed all of our clients.

That is due to us having worked hard to find the perfect process of selecting the right wall colors and figuring out the best type of application for the client’s home.

First, we will select colors for the type of intensity as well as complimentary undertones that will support the furnishings in the room.

Next, we will begin to analyze the structure of the home and plan for wall color application. The methods we have will create visual flow that will begin at the front door and through the home. This process will have your home looking well balanced and looking beautiful.

We have received wonderful compliments about our expertise that we have with various colors.

Interior Window Treatments

The right window treatments are considered a vital part of a room design.

Window treatments are actually the key element to the design for basically any room type. They will help to provide finishing touches like nothing else. They are able to enhance the décor and reflect your style type. If you have ever looked for window treatments., then you know that it may be difficult because there are tie backs, valences, shutters, shades, curtain rods, curtains, and even blinds. There is a lot that needs to be considered as well as various choices.

Divine Redesign will make decorating so much easier than you would expect it to be. Our window treatment experts will help you to eliminate the searching process by bring materials and fabrics to your home. We will work with you to select the right materials and colors that will help to enhance your furnishings. We will then style and design them to work best in your room.

Interior Lighting

It may be intimidating with some short lamps, tall lamps, up lights, chandeliers, down lights, spots, etc. We understand and know that when it comes to lighting if it is well-designed and arranged is a unique aspect that may alter the look and feel of a room and make it look great. We will create a mixture of lighting to set the mood in the room and make it be what you want.

When different fixtures that are placed strategically through your home it will give you the best light for whatever you are doing. Other types of fixtures will allow you to get the attention of the room by highlighting an object, create an atmosphere, or accentuate the feature of the interior.

Interior Art

Framed art that has been picked to suit your style will help to provide you with a great finishing touch to the décor.

Selecting art is an important piece to creating a unique design. Whenever your furniture and lighting arrives, decorating won’t be complete. It will not be completed until framed art has been selected.

Here at Divine Redesign that will help to pick various framed art that will reflect your style as well as pleasing to your senses. We will hang it for you. We can also create a balanced and harmonious arrangement of art or family photos.

If you have older or existing pieces of art, some that are found in closets or under beds, you can breathe life into them by adding new mats or frames. Art that has been framed and matted well and hung with care will become your main centerpieces.

Interior Accessories

Home accessories will help you to put your touch on your décor.

At Divine Redesign, we often receive calls from customers who are confused about this part. You may think that it is easy, but it isn’t. You may think that it might be fun or easy to do, but it actually takes a lot of know how.

Using our expertise in design, we will arrange all of your special items so that they will fit right. We can take your family photos and have them framed to compliment each other, and create a unique arrangement and have them hung for you.

What Is The Difference Between Interior Design & Interior Decorating?

Most people use the words “interior decorating” and “interior design” to mean the same thing but they actually differ in important ways. Read more about the difference between interior decorating and interior design below.

What is Interior Decorating?

Interior decorating is the adorning or furnishing of a living space with beautiful or fashionable things. Interior decorated usually don’t design spaces, rather, decorate them. For example, an interior decorator, when choosing floor coverings, would be responsible for choosing the color, pattern, texture and type, while the interior designer, would make selections based of usage, type, acoustic properties, sound transference, off-gassing properties, flammability and static electricity.

What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is the science and art of understanding customer’s behavior to create unique and functional spaces for their individual personalities or lifestyles. An interior designer actually designs the space and adds decoration as part of the design. The process of interior design follows a coordinated and systematic methodology – including doing research, performing analysis and integrating knowledge into the interior design process to help satisfy the resources and needs of the customer.

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To schedule your interior design consultation in Mesa, Arizona, give us a call today at 480-838-1020 and ask to speak to Deborah Goodacre.

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