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Interior Designer Gilbert AZ

Interior Designer Gilbert AZ

If you are Googling “Interior Designer Gilbert AZ“, Divine Redesign can help! We are an interior design company located near Gilbert, Arizona will to take on any commercial or home interior design project you can throw at use. To Schedule you interior design consultation in Gilbert, Arizona, give Divine Redesign a call today at 480-838-1020 to get started decorating your home.

Interior Designer Services In Gilbert

I am amazed! I had no idea this could be accomplished. I feel as if you have saved my life.- Florence B., Sun Lakes, AZ

Deborah has a wonderful sense of color and space. My spouse and I both think that she is the best designer we have had.” – Judith M., Gilbert, AZ Read More

You will be delighted after you choose Deborah Goodacre and Divine Redesign as your consultant. Deborah has worked with us on two homes. One was a major redesign including structural changes. Deborah is a master with color and space. ” – J. Mente, Gilbert, AZ

Whether you are adding new decor, custom lighting, wall color, window treatments or just need a few interior design elements to your home or business, we can do it all! Our interior design services in Gilbert include:

Read 5 Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer to get an idea of what you should look for.

Divine Redesign Specializes In:

We can help with residential and commercial interior design projects, small and large remodeling interior design projects and more.

  • Residential & Commercial Interior Design
  • Design for Small or Large Remodels
  • Interior Design & New Home Consultations
  • Home Staging & Color Consultations

Interior Redesign Services In Gilbert

Divine Redesign also offers interior redesign in Gilbert, AZ! Yes, there is hidden beauty amongst your current furnishings that the interior redesign process will reveal. We can arrange your existing furniture, lighting, art and accessories, the item you love and already own, and create harmony and balance in every room of your home. At Divine Redesign, we will define your space, create more intimacy and better enhance the flow throughout each room of the home or business.

Just like you see on TV, we will send you away from your home or business for a few hours and when you come back, your home or business will be transformed like magic! The redesign process of arranging your existing furnishings will make your rooms balanced, focused and beautiful.

It is a customary part of our interior redesign process to offer additional decorating suggestions that can further enhance your home or business. This list may include buying throw pillows, new lamp shades or maybe an area rug to bring together the seating arrangements. You may also want to add wall color to reinvent the space or add window treatments for a final touch.

Interior Decorator vs. Designer

Do you need an interior decorator or an interior designer? They may seem like interchangeable terms, but they actually describe two different professions. Before you start shopping for quotes, you need to know your project requirements and what services you actually need. Understanding the different skill sets decorators and designers bring to a project makes it easier to make the best choice for your needs.


As the job title suggests, decorators are primarily concerned with aesthetics. They choose and implement the decor that gives a room its unique appearance, such as window treatments, paint, wallpaper, and accessories. Decorators don’t design or build spaces, but they dress them stylishly, introducing new color schemes and decorative elements.

Decorators don’t require any formal training, and therefore many aren’t qualified to remove existing structures, build new structures, or change the wiring in your home. It’s important to check what qualifications a decorator has before agreeing to any terms.


Interior designers are qualified professionals who become involved with projects at the construction stage. They often work with architects, using their skills and knowledge to create functional, quality interiors that match a homeowner’s requirements. Designers attend an accredited college or university to major in Interior Architecture or Interior Design, and then they complete an internship. They also pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam to attain state recognition as part of acquiring a license.

Designers have knowledge of building codes and regulations, making it possible to create a functional environment that is aesthetically pleasing while also adhering to all applicable construction laws. Their level of training and their ability to help plan, schedule, and execute a project make their services more expensive than those of a decorator.

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To Schedule your free consultation interior designers in Gilbert, Arizona, give Divine Redesign a call today at 480-838-1020. View our before and after interior design gallery to see examples of our work.