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Are you searching for “Interior Design Chandler“? If so, Divine Redesign can help!

It is quite nice when you walk into a place that has been decorated to feel and look great.

Having a beautifully decorated home, where the whole atmosphere is inviting, warm and cozy, is something that we all want for ourselves and our family. So, how do you go through the process of interior decorating or even redecorating your home and why is it important that you hire an interior designer?

You need to have an interior design plan. It doesn’t matter if you have a house that is full of furniture or only a few pieces to even just creating whole new décor, having a plan will give you a successful outcome, and one that will certainly make redecorating your home a really rewarding experience.

Interior Design in Chandler

At Divine Redesign will we will help you to create:

Divine Redesign is a successful, small interior design company that is located in the Chandler, AZ area, who happens to welcome all redesign and interior design projects. Our designers enjoys working with a variety of aesthetics and styles. We believe that the result should reflect the taste and personality of the client and that the function, value, and style go hand-in-hand. Our main goal for all design projects, whether they are small or large, is to give customers an unmatched level of personal dedication and attention. To schedule your interior design consultation in Chandler, give us a call today at 480-838-1020 and ask to speak to Deborah Goodacre.

Divine Redesign specializes in:

Wall Color

Having custom coordinated wall colors have never stopped to amaze all of our clients.

That is because we have worked hard to be able to perfect the two-step process of picking the right wall colors and determining the best application for the home of the client.

Firstly, we pick colors for the right type of intensity and complimentary undertones that will support the furnishing in the room.

Next, we will analyze the structure of the home and then plan for applying the wall colors. Our methods will create a visual flow that starts at the front door and goes through the home. This two-step process will leave your home looking beautiful and feeling balanced.

We receive amazing compliments about the expertise we have with colors.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a vital part of design in any room.

Window treatments are a key element in the overall design of any type of room. They provide a finishing touch like nothing else can. They will be able to enhance your décor and even reflect your style. Although, if you have ever looked for window treatments, then you know it can be a real task – tie backs, curtain rods, valences, curtains, shutters, blinds and shades – there is so much that you have to consider as well as a many choices.

Divine Redesign will make this whole phase of decorating a lot easier than you thought it would be. Our window treatment associates will eliminate the process of searching by bringing fabrics and materials to your home. We will work together to pick the right colors and materials that will enhance your furnishings. We will then design and style them to work best in your rooms.


Lighting is an essential, but overlooked design element.

It can be intimidating with down lights, short lamps, spots, up lights, tall lamps, chandeliers, etc. We completely understand and know that lighting when it is arranged and well-designed is an aspect that can alter the feel and look of any room and make it look amazing. We will use a mixture of lighting arrangements to set the mood of your room as well as fulfill what you want.

Various fixtures that have been strategically arranged through your home will give you great light for when you are cooking, working, or reading. Other fixtures will let you create the atmosphere or even get the attention of the room by highlighting a work of art, accentuate the feature of the interior architecture or a unique piece of furniture.


Framed art that has been selected to fit your style will provide you’re with a unique finishing touch to the interior décor.

Picking art is a vital part of creating a beautiful interior design. When your new furniture and lighting arrives, the decorating isn’t complete. It won’t be complete until we have chosen framed art.

At Divine Redesign will be able to help you select framed art that will reflect your tastes as well as pleasing to the senses. Don’t worry about hanging it, we will cover that. We can create a harmonious and balanced arrangement of family photos or art.

Do you have any older, existing art pieces? They are often found hiding under beds or in closets. You can breathe new life into them with new frames and mats. These one of a kind treasures will help to define your signature style. Art that is beautifully matter and famed as well as hung with care will become the jewelry of your walls.


Home accessories will give you several ways to put your stamp on interior décor.

Here at Divine Redesign, we get calls from clients who are confused about this part of decorating. You may think that this is the easy part, it isn’t. You may have thought it would be easy and fun to do, but it really takes know how to do.

Using our design expertise, we will be able to arrange your special items so that they look just right. We will take your family photos that have been framed to complement each other, create an arrangement and then hang them for you.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Interior Designer

Budgeting and Planning

A designer can save you time and effort and can keep you on budget

Professional Assessment

A designer that is highly skilled can give you their professional assessment or your situation and start you on the right track

A Trained Eye

A designer can give you an explanation to what is wrong or right in the space

Visual Story Teller

A designer can evaluate your space and tell a visual story about you to make your house a home

Save Money

A designer can help you avoid costly mistakes, and actually increase the value of your home

Home Sale

The designer works with you to take your home to another level, should you decide to sell, this will increase the homes value


A designer helps build a strong relationship between you and your architect, they can also look at lighting and furnishings before construction begins


Designers know their industry; they work with glass companies, furniture companies, and other vendors you might not have access to

“Wow” Factor

If you are looking to make your interior pop, the designer can give that “Wow” factor you desire

Wide Availability of Resources

Just as the designer acts as a liason, they have other connections throughout their industry

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To schedule your interior design consultation in Chandler, Arizona, give us a call today at 480-838-1020 and ask to speak to Deborah Goodacre.