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HGTV’s Interior Redesign – House #1

Posted on May 3, 2012 in HGTV, Interior Redesign, News, Uncategorized

The very day I received the phone call that I would appear on HGTV’s Decorating Cents

I had an appointment with a new client, Diane, in Tatum Ranch. Of course I was super excited and couldn’t wait to tell her all about the show. She was excited too. After working with her on her decor for a few hours, Diane told me of a good friend of hers that had just moved to the east coast.

She told me her friend had a beautiful home in Cave Creek which was decorated in the Southwest style and now on the market for sale. Her friend didn’t want to take anything with her and told Diane she could have anything she wanted. Diane suggested that I could help her on another occasion by visiting the house and selecting pieces she could use.

Due to the fact that I was already in north Scottsdale, I suggested we do the visit now if she had the time. When I walked into that house I was stunned. We talked over a few items and then I got a brainstorm. I asked if she thought her friend would let me use the house for an interior redesign on the show. Sure she said, I’ll call and ask her.

Well, the very next morning I received a call from her friend back east and she readily told me I could do anything with the house that I wanted to do! I was floored! I was given a key too! You can imagine the real estate agent’s face when a few days later he arrived at the house and I was there planning on how to handle the redesign. Too funny!

At the beginning and end of the show we needed a few words from the home owner. My client, Diane, stepped into the roll and made her debut on HGTV the same day I did! It was a blast as you can well imagine. You can send for the clips of the show by going to our contact page, filling out the form. Check the box HGTV videos.

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