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HGTV – Interior Redesigns in Arizona

Posted on April 22, 2012 in HGTV, Interior Redesign

HGTV  – Yes, I’ve Been On It!

Note: To see the video clips featuring the three Arizona home Interior Redesigns I participated in, go to the Contact button on our site and fill in the form; check HGTV film footage. The link will be emailed to you.

HGTV’s program, Decorating Cents, currently no longer on the air, featured an interior redesign segment in the middle of each program. Interior redesigners were required to submit a two minute personal video tape for the producers to review in hopes of being selected for a chance to be featured on the show.

The way I got on the show was through a unique chain of events. While most of the shows were taped in the Midwest, (the show is produced in Minnesota), the producer wanted to tape a few shows in Arizona so she could be near her actor husband who was cast in the play Mama Mia at Gammage Theater.

Thus began the search for someone to tape three shows in the Phoenix area paired with an interior redesigner brought in from Boston, Jackie Davis. After a series of phone calls, “Who do you know in Phoenix that’s cute and fun to work with?” the producers of the show called me! Even so I had to produce a video tape, which took all night to prepare and send off to be evaluated. I then received the second call; they liked me!

Now the hard part; I had one week to come up with three homes that needed a redesign. Yikes! So I called in my markers and suddenly I had three great houses lined up. Homes were selected based on the ability for us to show off our talent as redesigners as well as make for an interesting show.

All three houses have a fun and unique story behind how they came to be our redesign homes for the show. I will create each story separately over the next few blog postings. So, stay tuned for the story of each unique adventure.

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