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Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important design
element in any room.

Window Coverings Scottsdale

Window treatments, a key element in the overall design of any room, provide a finishing touch like none other can.  They will enhance your décor and reflect your individual style.  However if you’ve ever searched for window treatments you know how monumental a task it can be – shades, blinds, shutters, curtains, valences, curtain rods and tiebacks – so much to consider; so many choices.

Divine Redesign makes this phase of decorating easier than you ever thought it could be! Our window treatment associates eliminate the search by bringing the materials and fabrics to your home. Together we work with you to select the materials and colors which will enhance the look of your furnishings. We then design and style them to best suit the look and feel of your individual rooms.

Window Treatment Options

Want less fabric in the room? Opt for wood shutters. Need privacy and light control? Wood blinds will do both for you. Need more softness, more color or texture? Fabric wrapped cornices and/or draperies are a good solution. Whatever your preference, our trustworthy and reliable business associates will deliver a quality product to you at a reasonable price.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds make awesome window coverings. Natural wood has a beauty and softness to it that easily works with many styles and color schemes. With maintenance, wooden blinds will last for years as a filtration system and window decoration.

Faux Wood Blinds

Where wood blinds can’t be used, like the bathroom and kitchen, Faux wood blinds make the perfect addition because they are made out of alternative wood that won’t swell or splinter. This is perfect for rooms that tend to get more moisture than others.


Shades seem like they would be the same thing as blinds but shades are usually made out of a single panel of cloth material while blinds may be made out of several pieces wood panels. The great thing about shades is that you can choose the opacity or how much light enters the room.

Woven Wood Shades

These shades are easily noticed by the way they are built; with wood reeds all woven together to form a single panel. These types of shades are most commonly used in screened porches or sunrooms because they give off an island like feel.


Shutters are a great solution for window treatments that easily pair with function and style. Shutters can be installed in your window setting for an elegant and long-lasting filtration system. I can help you choose different styles of shutters to go with any room.

Polycore Shutters

Polycore shutters are more durable because they are made from stronger metal materials that is made to last. They are great window coverings for a kitchen or bathroom that has a lot of moisture. It won’t warp or swell like wood shutters would.


Vertical tall blinds are great for windows that are more wide than tall. In Arizona, these types of blinds are most used on sliding glass doors. Traditional vertical blinds are usually made white but you can get these types of blinds in different colors as well.


Drapes can be used to get really creative with your windows. Divine Redesign can help you pick out the perfect draperies for your home and emphasize your blinds, shutters or shades. Drapes can enhance the feel and beauty of a home.

Shopping for Window Treatments

It is nearly impossible to shop at the large home furnishings stores for window treatments and drapes that don’t end up looking exactly like the drapes in everyone else’s home. The truth is there is so much more out there to choose from than what is available to the general masses.  And you will only find it, and get good quality, in the world of custom made window coverings.

Shopping for window treatments doesn’t feel like shopping at all when working with us at Divine Redesign.  Again, we work with our terrific associates in a unique way to bring you the best in window treatments, custom bedding and throw pillows.

Custom made fabric treatments should complement and enhance the style and color palette of the room and therefore are chosen once the basic design elements of the room are known.  My window treatment specialist and I will bring a selection of fabrics and designs, to your home, appropriate for your style of décor. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy this phase of decorating can be when working with our team of associates and Divine Redesign.

No more banging around fabric stores and retail centers looking for something unique and appropriate to fit your vision for your home décor. We bring everything to you and consult with you on fabric selection and design. Then just sit back and watch us go to work measuring and planning out your window treatments. This process is something everyone should experience at least once in their decorating lifetime.

What Do The Window Treatment Experts At Divine Redesign Do?

Window treatment experts, designers, professionals, manufacturers and vendors like Divine Redesign usually specialize in all different type of window treatments and window coverings. Some handle blinds or shudders, while others work with fabric style coverings and treatments. Looking for automated louvers or shades? We can do that to. Regardless of what style you choose to cover your windows with, Divine Redesign can advise you on the positives and negatives of each type of material or style you are interested in.

Our window covering professionals will take measurements of your windows to make sure your treatments fit perfectly. We are skilled in installation, mounting shades, curtains or blinds and making minor adjustments for the perfect look. Safety for children is important to consider when it comes to your windows but will make sure there are no potential hazards to your children or animals such as loose chords or fabrics.

Window treatment experts usually work closely with interior designers but luckily for you we offer interior design as well.

Call us today or visit our contact page to fill out our contact form to schedule your free in-home consultation. We’ll bring you the most fashionable and highest quality window coverings in Tempe, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. We are looking forward to beautifying your home!

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“I was about to spend $600 on new furnishings, but after Deborah's redesign was complete I discovered that I only needed a few throw pillows and some candles. I was so overwhelmed by the change in my home I cried; and my mom and I hugged each other. ”- Diane, Scottsdale, AZ