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Lighting – an essential, but often overlooked, design element.

Armoir Lighting

It’s a little intimidating, with up-lights, down-lights, tall lamps, short lamps, chandeliers, spots, etc. We understand and know that lighting, well-designed and arranged, is the one aspect that can alter the look and feel of any room and make it look fantastic. We use a mix of lighting arrangements to set the mood of your rooms as well as fulfill your many task needs.

A variety of fixtures, strategically arranged throughout your home, will provide light for when you are reading, cooking or working on projects. Other fixtures will allow you to create atmosphere and even anchor the attention of a room by highlighting a work of art, a unique piece of furniture, or accentuate a feature of the interior architecture.

Shopping for Lighting and Fixtures

At Divine Redesign we know that selecting lighting can be a daunting task.  We hear your questions: “Where is the best place to shop?” “How big should my chandelier be and how high off the table?” “How tall should my bedside table lamps be?” “Where do I place the sconces on the wall?”  Or more often, “Can my favorite old lamp be saved by adding a new shade?”

You have the questions and we have the answers. We know the places to shop for the best selection and the best pricing. Our lighting associates are up-to-the-minute on the latest new technology in the ever changing field of lighting.

More importantly we have seen your house; we understand your needs, your wants and desires for the look and feel of your home.  We have devised a plan and have a vision of what your rooms will look like when finished. We will lead you and guide your choices through the process of selecting and placing the lighting throughout the home. Our lighting fixtures will be the correct size for your tables, the height of your ceilings and will meet the needs for which they were selected.

Think of it – with effectively designed light fixtures, flipping a switch will dramatically change how your home looks, functions, and feels – and always for the better! So call us (480-838-1020); we’ll plan out your lighting indoors or outdoors — and then let’s get shopping.

“We spent money with a decorator to place the furniture in our bedroom/sitting room. My husband and I hated the room and never wanted to spend time in it. The room was truly a challenge but Deborah was able to make it work and we are we can't wait to sit in the sitting area to relax and watch television. ”- Jan S., Phoenix, AZ