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Framed Art – selected to compliment your style – provides a unique finishing touch to your interior décor.

ArtChoosing art is an important part of creating beautiful and delicious looking interior designs. So when the new sofas, tables and lamps arrive, don’t think that the decorating is complete. Not yet! Not until we’ve chosen some framed art.

At Divine Redesign, we will help you select framed art and decorative pieces that will reflect not only your individual taste but be pleasing to your senses as well. And don’t worry about hanging; creating balanced and harmonious arrangements of art or family photos is a strong area of expertise for our owner, Deborah Goodacre. She loves to do it and she’s fantastic at it!

Do you have older, existing pieces of art? We often find them hidden under beds or stuffed in closets! Breathe new life into them with new mats and frames. Now one-of-a-kind treasures, they help to define your individual “signature style.” Remember art, beautifully framed and matted, and hung with precision, becomes the jewelry for your walls.

Shopping for Framed Art & Art Pieces

It’s an easy job for us to take your old art and re-frame and mat it, thus bringing it up to current standards of decorating. We work exclusively with one company, one special person, to get the job done and we make a great team.  People say that we “work our magic” on their art.

If you have no art then you will need to buy some as it is the jewelry for your walls.  No room is complete without art above the fireplace or several pieces gracefully arranged on the walls of your living room or bedroom.  Let’s start with a few key pieces that reflect the style of the rooms we are creating and build from there. Over time you will discover more art that you will want to add to your collection.

A great place to shop for art is at fine furniture stores.  They have a great selection of framed and matted art that will be priced well below what it would cost to mat and frame a piece from scratch.  But don’t forget to shop the finer consignment stores for one of-a-kind pieces that add individual style to your overall décor. I frequent my favorite consignment stores as often as possible; my eyes trained to spot some unique piece or two I think my clients shouldn’t be without!

“We live in Troon north and had recently spent a goodly sum furnishing our living room and family room. We hired Deborah because it didn't feel right, something was missing. Deborah was able to solve our decorating problem and my husband Mike said it was the best money he had spent on the house.”- Nicole, Scottsdale, AZ