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Home Accessories provide several fun ways to put your individual stamp on interior décor.

At Divine Redesign, we frequently receive calls from clients in a quandary about this phase of decorating.  You may think, “What could be so difficult about grouping collectables on a tabletop, arranging items on pot shelves or creating a family photo wall?”  Right! You thought it would be fun and easy to do but you soon discovered that it isn’t – it takes know-how.

With our interior design expertise, we know how to arrange your special items so they look just right. We take your family photos, framed to complement each other, design an arrangement and then expertly hang them on your wall.

We know how to avoid two common mistakes: the first is too many items in a space which leaves the area feeling cluttered.  The second is too few items in one space which leaves the area looking spare and unfinished. So call us! We want you to not only enjoy your favorite possessions but we want them to look good too!

Shopping for Accessories

Most people we meet have plenty of accessories either on display or behind cabinet doors in which case one only needs to look around the house to have a broad choice of items to create a tasteful tabletop or shelf arrangement.  Then there are those of you who have not accumulated much or are at the beginning stages of decorating, so my recommendation is to start looking at a fine consignment shop for ideas of what appeals to you.

Personally, I love the look of a few vintage items to ground the style of a home while nouveau items will convey an air of current fare.  Either way, rotating your display items on a seasonal basis or just putting some away for a few months will give your home a refreshing rest from looking the same month in and month out.

I have been known to load my car with items from my favorite shops, (the owners let me take items to show you), and then work them in around your home for your approval.  I have never had this process not succeed to the max!  One such client purchased everything I brought to her home with the exception of one plate! So call me and let’s get busy accessorizing!!

In Summary

Green Living Room

With our understanding of size, proportion and great eye for color, we can:

Done correctly these elements will define your home décor, create interest and promote balance and harmony. Your home should be a sanctuary, a place to retreat to, where you will feel pampered – a place you can open to your friends with pride.

“We lived in our home for 20 years and never used the living room because it was so uncomfortable being in it. Now, thanks to Deborah, we use it all the time - it's just lovely.”- Barb W., Tempe, AZ