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Developing Your Signature Style

Posted on August 1, 2011 in Style

You may have noticed that several times in the website I used the term “signature style.”

I use this term to describe the unique look and feel we help our clients develop in their homes when either redesigning it or creating new décor.

Many of you have told me that your decor doesn’t have a style or that you don’t know what to call it. Please do not be worried that you are unable to assign a particular name to your design aesthetics. This is not important. I suggest you place more emphasis on developing a look that reflects your personality and supports how you and your family live in each room of the house. Then you can name it yourself!

Aim for creating an environment based on what appeals to you and not just by what is currently on the market. Your home décor should include furniture of correct proportion, arranged against the architecture of the home for balance and harmony. Include items handed down from family members as long as they appeal or are important to you.  Be sure to include a bit of whimsy to take the edge off older pieces.

More about fad decorating later!

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