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Choosing a new décor – it’s about your taste - not about ours!

New DecorBeautiful rooms don’t just happen by chance. Successful decorating begins with getting to know you and your family; the function of each room, your likes and dislikes about style and color, and much more. We then measure your rooms, construct a plan for the furniture arrangement and determine the size and proportion of your furnishings. Then we are ready to begin the purchasing phase, yes, we’re going shopping. Each item of your décor will be selected with size and proportion in mind, in order to produce beautiful interiors that live up to your fondest dreams.

With so many home décor choices available in today’s marketplace, you really do need an objective pair of eyes to help you make wise decisions. So, we will shop together for your new décor, blending styles, colors and fabrics. That way you can visualize the project as it unfolds!

Are you unsure of your decorating style? We work with you to create a “signature style”, one which will reflect your desires and personality. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your home décor for many years to come. Remember, this is about helping you accomplish the decorating goals you have for your home and not about our taste.

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“My husband and I could never have made these purchases without Deborah’s help. We would have had an argument and left the store having purchased nothing.”- Lauralie C. Mesa, AZ