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Interior Redesign Scottsdale AZ Welcome to Divine Redesign! We are interior redesigners in Scottsdale, AZ helping homeowners redecorate their existing furnishings. Yes, there is beauty hidden amongst your furnishings right now, and the process of Interior Redesign will reveal it. We will arrange your existing furniture, art, lighting, and accessories, the items you already own and love, to create balance and harmony in every room of your home!  An Interior Redesign will define your space, create intimacy and enhance the flow of the rooms, one to another.

Just like on TV, we send you away for a few hours and when you return, your home will be transformed like magic! The interior redesign process of arranging existing furnishings will leave your rooms focused, balanced and beautiful. They will invite you in and give you an inner sense of well-being.

It is customary after the redesign is complete to offer a list of additional decorating suggestions to further enhance your newly updated space. This list may include buying new lamp shades, throw pillows or an area rug to ground the seating arrangement – just to name a few. You may also want to continue to reinvent your space with wall color, window treatments and other finishing details.

Divine Redesign Interior Decorators

Divine Redesign is an Interior Decorator in Scottsdale, AZ that will take the furnishings you currently own and create your own space that meets your exact expectations, tastes, needs, and lifestyle. It’s not magic, redesign used the same principles and techniques as interior design but with careful attention to detail and a fresh perspective.

You want a home that reflects your style and tastes. We only assist with creativity and interior redesign ideas to help your vision come to life. We want to give you a redesign that will make your rooms comfortable, attractive and welcoming for you and your guests.

How many times have you said to yourself, “This room could use a makeover”, but not know where to start or who to call?

We will start by customizing a combination of services for your room(s), from real estate staging, room makeovers, organizing, color consulting, to party planning, special occasion decorating, etc to transform your space. Based on your needs and wants, our interior redesign solutions will give an update to your decor’, create smooth transitions from home to home if you are moving, incorporate newer pieces you’ve gained along the way, devise temporary combinations for entertaining, or create functional but stylish rooms.

We have a reputation of being innovative and attuned to our customers personal tastes and styles. Let us redesign the new space of your dreams.

Interior Redesign Scottsdale, AZ Interior Redesign can help you:

“I am amazed! I had no idea this could be accomplished. I feel as if you have saved my life.”- Florence B., Sun Lakes, AZ

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