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Getting Started

Dining Room interior decorating phoenix, tempeGetting Started

We begin any home redecorating project with an initial design consultation, a diagnosis of interior design options. This is a working session where we get to know each other. We will discuss your desires, concerns and goals for your home décor. When finished, we will have constructed a plan of how to accomplish the objectives we have identified. This session usually takes 1-2 hours.

Most projects fall into one of three categories:

“She gave me so much valuable information at our initial consultation. I now understand the direction we need to go. It was worth every penny!”- Jeanne J., Apache Junction, AZ

Formal Living Room Interior Designer In ScottsdaleInterior Design Together

Let’s use what you own first.

We apply our best creativity to incorporate what you already own into your interior design arrangement. However, honesty is the best policy if something just doesn’t work. Clients say they find our straightforward approach refreshing as it gives them the go-ahead to make decisions they previously were unsure about or afraid to make.

Let’s make smart decisions.

When it comes to interior remodeling or renovating we have many talented service providers available to you. They are reliable, honest and reasonably priced. When shopping we always look for the best prices, however, you may pay a bit more for one item and for others you will pay less. Over the span of the project it evens itself out. The aim is to accomplish the goals you set for your newly decorated home.

Let’s be partners in the process.

We love it when our clients are involved in finding items and like to participate in the decision making. However, our policy is that any purchases made by the client must be able to be returned to the store if necessary. Three of our clients are close friends and when they shop together they always ask each other, “what would Deborah think?’  We like their approach as it keeps the home decorating going in the right direction!