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Dark or Light Carpet? Which One Should I Choose?

Posted on February 23, 2016 in Carpet, Color, Interior Redesign, New Decor, Purchasing, Style

choosing carpet types dark or light carpet

A while ago, I met with a homeowner who wanted to replace her carpeting in several rooms and also on the stairs.  We shopped and I sent her home with several samples to show her husband.  Here is how our email conversation went:

JB said, “Deborah, we are at a stalemate as to whether we keep the new carpet in a dark tone like what we have or go lighter.  I need your help; can you come over and meet with me and my husband?” - JB

I replied, “Sure thing. I can help you with that.  When it comes to carpeting on stairs, that’s a tough one.  With so many people on the stairs it will show dirt soon, that’s a fact.  Otherwise, the color has little to do with the overall impact it makes on the house as other design factors will add interest and color to the house.  Right now, with the wall color you have, the house seems to be stuck in just one color tone.  As we discussed earlier, you need other decorating items and changes so it won’t seem like it all looks the same“.


“Do not look for the flooring to be such a big issue in the overall look of the house.  Floors aren’t going to make it or break it as they are just one part of the design.  You need other decorating to be done that will provide contrast and interest.  I think you two are putting too much emphasis on what the flooring should be.  Does this make sense?  I think you are stuck on this one item and other things need to be done to make the house a real standout.  We need to get moving on those decisions and then the carpet won’t be such a sticking point.  Remember, flooring is just one plane of the entire room(s)”- Deborah

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