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Choosing The Right Interior Paint Colors Phoenix, Arizona

Posted on October 30, 2018 in Color, Interior Design, Interior Redesign, Paint, Paint Colors, Style

Choosing The Right Interior Paint Colors Phoenix

Are you searching for “choosing the right interior paint colors” near me? If so, see below for some awesome paint color ideas to help you find your next color for the rooms in your home.

Steps To Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Interior Space

An obvious way to choose the best interior paint color for you is to start with colors you like best. When you begin with the colors you love, you’re not bound by the common color schemes for a specific decorating style. Using your favorite color as the base color, you can use it to design a color scheme around it.

Your favorite colors can be the ideal inspiration for your new color palette. The color of your paint has an amazing affect on your interior space, and adding a bright new color to a room is the cheapest and easiest way to rejuvenate your home. Color is perfect for changing the look, feel and our overall perception of our interior space, turning it spacious or cozy, cool or full of energy.

Inspiration Is All Around You, You Just Have Find It

The easiest way to come up with color ideas is to find out what appeals to your most: Do you have a favorite color you’ve thinking about lately? Do you have a favorite painting or favorite shirt you like to wear often? Do you like numerous colors, just a single color, or maybe specific shades or tints of a particular color? Do you like them a bit muted or brave and bold? The mood you set will lay the foundation for the desired impact of the color palette you’ve chosen.

Be Aware Of Surrounding Colors Before Selecting

Think about all of the items in your home that provide color like your flooring, carpeting, accessories, etc. Your floor is the anchor to the room and can completely impact colors on the walls by the carpet color emulating onto the wall. Your furniture’s color also plays an important a role in finding the best colors for your walls. These items are not readily replaced and any experienced interior designer will tell you that these pieces help match the color scheme as a whole. For example, the antique table that your grandmother gave you wouldn’t simply be thrown away just because it doesn’t match the wall color, rather the wall color would be painted to put emphasis on the table.

Tools For Selecting The Perfect Color

To assist in helping you find the perfect paint colors for your interior space we put together a list of helpful resources.

Samples Of Colors

Sherwin-Williams hosts a list of sample colors for you to choose from. Try printing off the color samples you are interested in and put them next to the wall to see if they are a good fit. Color samples give you the ability to see the colors in the actual rooms they will be painted in.

Color Inspiration Gallery

Get inspired by viewing the color gallery, room gallery, or style gallery which will make it easier to find the colors you are looking for based on what room or style you are looking to paint.

Choose Colors By Decorator

Choose from neutral, modern, cottage, Artisan or classic colors. Also choose from the home decorators collection or seasonal colors. The colors are perfectly coordinated for accents and stylish trim.

Use Your Color Architecturally

One of the most effective ways you can use color to renovate a room is to play up its architectural characteristics. Moldings, mantels, built-in entertainment centers, arched entryways, wainscots, windows, and doors all offer you the chance to add another layer of appeal to your colored walls.

Color Trends

There is a huge campaign towards more light colors. There are a lot reasons for this: Traditionally, lighter colors will make the room feel larger. Nowadays the world can feel like a pretty gloomy place at times and people want their homes to be a place to take haven, where they can go and feel refreshed.

Tips on Choosing The Right Paint Color

  • Grab some paint chips from your local home improvement store and tack them on the wall in the room you plan on painting to see which colors will work and which won’t.
  • If you would rather go to a paint store rather than a home improvement store, some offer small containers that way you can see what the actual paint will look like.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for others peoples opinions. Ask friends and family what they think; in the end decision is always going to be yours.
  • The lighting and the furniture in your home will alter the color to some degree, so it may not be an exact match for the shade of the paint sample.

Make It Match (No Extra Charge)

You can have your paint blended mixed to match a piece of clothing, carpeting, or wallpaper at any your local home improvement store. The sample should be a flat that is of constant color and is at least a half inch square.

Utilize Color Families

Finding a color you want maybe easy. But have you considered other colors in the same family? Using different shades of the same color can actually work in your favor. Painting molding or other accents can make your primary color pop even more. Choosing the right color for your interior is crucial for achieving the kind of tone and aura you want for each room.

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