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Choosing The Right Interior Paint Colors Tempe, AZ

Posted on March 25, 2016 in Color, Interior Redesign, Paint, Paint Colors

How To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Interior Space Tempe, AZ

The color of your paint has an amazing effect on your interior space, and adding new color to a remove is the cheapest way to update your home.

Color is great for changing the look, feel and out perception of our interior space, turning is spacious or cosy, cool or energetic.

Steps to finding the perfect paint color for your interior space

Color can change our perception of the space around us, turning it cool and energetic, spacious or cozy. There are three key steps that can help you with the process of color selection:

Inspiration is all around you, find it

The best way to come up with ideas is to find out what appeals to your most: Do you have a favorite color in mind already, do you have a favorite painting or place you vacation often?

Do you like multiple colors, a single color, or maybe particular tints or shades of a specific color? Do you like them muted or bold?

Looking around you for inspiration is important to help narrow down your selection.

Also, BEHR has a huge color pallet of paint colors that you can preview. Colors can be separated by collections, categories and color families.

Setting the mood of the space

Is there a theme or mood you would like to set in the space? Do you want an energizing feel to the living room or restful calm feel in the bedroom? The mood you set will lay the foundation for the desired impact of the color palette you’ve chosen.

Be aware of surrounding colors before selecting

Think about all of the items in your home that provide color like floors, carpeting, furniture etc. The floor is your anchor to the room and can dramatically impact colors on the walls by the carpet color reflecting on the wall. Furniture colors also play a role in finding the perfect colors for your walls. These items are not easily replaced and any interior designer will tell you that these pieces help coordinate the color scheme. For example your antique table that your mother gave you wouldn’t be thrown away just because it does match the wall color rather the wall color would be changed to accent the table.

Tools For Selecting The Perfect Color

To assist in helping you find the perfect paint colors for your interior space we put together a list of helpful resources.

Samples Of Colors: BEHR hosts a list of sample colors for you to choose from. Try printing off the color samples you are interested and put them next to the wall to see if they are a good fit. Samples of colors give you the ability to see the colors in the actual rooms they will be painted in.

Color Inspiration Gallery: Get inspiration by viewing the color gallery, room gallery, or style gallery which provide make it easier to find the colors you are looking for based on what room or style you are looking to paint.

Choose Colors By Decorator: Choose from neutral, modern, cottage, Artisan or classic colors. Also choose from the home decorators collection or spring/summer colors. The colors are perfectly coordinated for accents and stylish trim.

Search Colors By Collection: Choose from Dynasty, Fundamentals, lights, odyssey, opulence, or rejuvenation. These pallets are also color coordinated to find the right accents and trim colors.


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