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Dark or Light Carpet? Which One Should I Choose?

A while ago, I met with a homeowner who wanted to replace her carpeting in several rooms and also on the stairs.  We shopped and I sent her home with several samples to show her husband.  Here is how our email conversation went: JB said, “Deborah, we are at a stalemate as to whether we [...]

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An Interview with the Decorator

I was recently interviewed by a local writer who agreed to let us publish a portion of the session on the Divine Blog.  Here is our first installment, hope you enjoy it. Q: I have seen you make minimal adjustments to furniture placement that result in a big impact?  Can you sum up in one [...]

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Shopping is the Answer!

The adventure of decorating someone’s home begins with interviewing the homeowner, analyzing the rooms and making a plan for the décor. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I have a vision for the décor in my head before we begin selecting the elements that go into the final product. You will have it too; the vision.

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