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Dark or Light Carpet? Which One Should I Choose?

A while ago, I met with a homeowner who wanted to replace her carpeting in several rooms and also on the stairs.  We shopped and I sent her home with several samples to show her husband.  Here is how our email conversation went: JB said, “Deborah, we are at a stalemate as to whether we [...]

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Tackling the To-Do List

Ok, I’m finally going to do what I have promised myself I would do and that is write a blog based on an article I read in the newspaper this morning. I was inspired by columnist Karina Bland’s article entitled, “Coming clean: No need to impress guests”. We all know that having overnight guests or just [...]

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Resources and How To Use Them

I always brag about the great group of resources I bring to my clients projects. Then as I was listing them in my mind I realized something: I AM your biggest resource! Here’s the point of this posting. Recently within a matter of a few hours two clients called to tell me of a decision they had made on [...]

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Tips for Successfully Decorating Your Home – Part I

There are many issues we deal with in the process of turning a house into a beautiful home. Don’t forget to call your interior redesigner, me! to help you resolve these problems. Let’s start with the subject of clutter. Clutter is not always what you think it to be. It is not just piles of papers or stuff that [...]

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Shopping is the Answer!

The adventure of decorating someone’s home begins with interviewing the homeowner, analyzing the rooms and making a plan for the décor. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I have a vision for the décor in my head before we begin selecting the elements that go into the final product. You will have it too; the vision.

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