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Deborah Goodacre’s career has always centered around working with the public.

Her ability to listen to her customer’s needs and provide excellent customer service greatly supports her career as an interior redesigner and decorator. She has owned her own retail business, worked in the banking industry and spent ten years as a recruiter for a local employment agency before becoming an interior redesigner.

“I grew up around women who had great taste in their decorating so I had a natural interest in my surroundings. For years I decorated and redesigned the homes of my friends and relatives. I looked at it as a hobby.”

“In college I majored in math and art, an odd combination, but when applied to the profession of interior design it makes perfect sense. My favorite math subject, geometry, is the basis for all successful interior design arrangement!”

Deborah brings an innate sense of balance as well as an eye for color and detail to the interior redesign process. Analytical, fast-paced, service oriented and creative, the profession of designer fits Deborah’s personality and right-brain/left-brain abilities to a tee.

Deborah received her training from the Interior Redesign Industry Specialists in 2001. She has been featured in three redesign segments of HGTV’s Decorating Cents. Deborah has received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for outstanding service to her clients in 2010 and 2011.

She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband, Ken, and their three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cooper, Handi and Tye.

Contact Deborah with your questions, to schedule a consultation or to request a link to HGTV’s Decorating Cents footage.