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Best Unknown Tips For Interior Design in Tempe, AZ

Posted on April 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

best unknown interior design tips tempe az

Everyone knows the major tips for interior design, here we list the best unknown interior design tips and tricks to help you design your space.

1. Get a better understanding of the function of the space.

What will the function of your space be? Is it meant for sitting and conversation? If so, design around how you think people will be interacting in the room. Couches facing each other with a fire place setting makes a great space for conversation

2. Develop the space’s character.

Every additional piece you bring into the space helps add character to the space. What type of character are you looking to build? This question will help you decide which pieces should stay and which should go

3. Design around proper dimensions.

Measure twice cut once, make sure and get accurate dimensions of the room before designing around it. That table you like might be too big or the couch you like might be too small and leave a huge blank space in the room.

4. Use an appealing combination of color to create a mood for the room.

What will that color look like in the day vs. the night?

5. Let as much natural light in as possible.

Make sure and use colors that work with light, if your color is too light, it might not be as noticeable during the daytime. Natural light shows the most color.

6. Remove clutter from the room.

Remove all the magazines and other knick-knacks that make no since in the newly designed room.

7. Pick paint colors at the end.

Do you want all one color or multiple colors with accent walls? Try using a poster board with the paint colors you are thinking about using and pin it up on the wall to see how it works with the room.

8. Create breathing room with your furniture.

Leave enough room for people to walk in and out of the space easily. If you are interior designing a smaller space, use smaller furniture.

9. Make sure all artwork is hung at the right height.

Use a tape measure to ensure you are hanging all the artwork at the same height. Measure about 50 inches from the ceiling and mark that spot/

10. Create a focal (focus) point

Creating a focal point will help give them room a purpose or function. The idea we gave earlier about two couches facing each other, had a focal point of a fireplace. This creates a mood, function, and purpose for the room all at the same time.

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