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Have Others Asking Who the Designer Was

Posted on October 28, 2016 in Interior Design, Interior Redesign

Have Others Asking Who Was The Interior Designer

The staff at Divine Redesign feel that interior designers deserve a lot of respect for putting their self into their work and staying on top of it until the job is completed. We understand the difficulties involved trying to bring big areas out of small spaces, making it both great in appearance and functional. Now that has been said, let us also point out the fact that not everyone is financially able to hire interior designers, and to be frank, many of us would prefer to do our on interior designing (especially if it is our own home), giving it our own style and preferences, and a little bit of our self. Just how is it that people come to have the inspiration of changing the entire look of an interior, changing it from a boring and low income appearance to a sophisticated high end look, especially without the professional thoughts of a professional interior designer?

Let’s take this a step further, you are about to learn how to design and organize space that you previously thought only an interior designer would be capable of doing. Pay close attention to the following tips listed and you will be the envy of all your friends and family. These tips will benefit you whether it’s a design with glamour you are wanting or you simply want to spruce things up a bit, and no one will know it wasn’t a professional that created your interiors design. You can easily access inspirations for interior designs by searching through magazines or different design websites. If you have not noticed before, most people indulge when it comes to keeping up with the interior designs of others. Also, ever noticed how our imagination begins to flow with ideas after checking out websites on interior designs?

Let’s get started on an inspiration board on the interior designing you want to do with your home. Remember, you will have to begin with this step before you begin with the interior design you want to use on your home. Now, you need to go to Pinterest and search for different styles in home interior that you find appealing. You can also go to Fresh Home touse their ‘Collect This Idea’ button and collect various designs and get images that you are interested in. Another way is to search through home interior design magazines and cutting out any designs that reach out and say something to you. Once you have gathered enough designs and ideas that you feel you are interested in take a step backwards and look at all of them as a whole. Looking closely at these could give you the entire design and style that you have been looking for and what you come up with might surprise you.

Color Schemes:

Pick out three different color schemes to use, or three different shades. Now you know what the style you’re going to use, but you will also need to know what colors or shades to are going to use. You probably didn’t give it any thought, but choosing the color scheme is the hard part. First, and foremast, you should always choose the colors to use by choosing colors that say something to you and about you. This is because the colors we use have a way about being personal and the have the ability to create our different moods, etc. It is time for us to take a look at the inspiration board we created. Notice the colors that stand out the most in the different designs you have chosen, what are those colors?

Instead of telling you which colors to use, we are just going to tell you to choose three colors or three color shades, and go with it. There should be a color for the walls, another for the accents, and yet another color for the smaller items. Keep in mind that the colors you choose is going to be influenced by the amount of light that will be getting into the room. For instance, if you go with a color that is going to run from the floor all the way up to the ceiling it will enhance the interior by bringing more light into the picture. An example for instance, would be if you chose the mixture of teal, brown, and tangerine. Teal being for the accents, brown being for the walls, and tangerine for the smaller items. The three combination works no matter which three colors are being used together, such as doing a room all in white, possible, Yes. It is possible to do a room all in the same color, as long as you are using three different shades of white.

Time to add a little texture to your design:

Something other than the color itself -  that is just as important, is the texture! This is especially true if you are using a one color scheme, such as an all-white (three different shades of white) or even an all gray scheme. When looking at a room for the first time it might appear to be all one color, however, the closure you look at it you may began noticing that there is a difference in its texture and that it actually consists of three different colors or shades that simply have a lot of texture via fabrics and/or textiles. It could be that the room is all white, but uses three different shades of the same color. There could be one shade used on the walls and another shade for the accents with yet another shade for the smaller items. The various elements help in adding texture, making it more appealing to the eyes and it could be creating a warmer, softer environment as a whole.

One’s personality can be shown within the design of their interior decorating and the use of different patterns, colors, and textures in their design a dull room can be mad to be brighter.

Take into consideration to use textiles that fit into your lifestyle: 

For instance, if you have animal(s) or kid(s) it might be best for you to decorate using a darker color in your couch, rather than a light color that would more than likely show an animals hairs more. If you are a person than enjoys high end things, you may want to take into consideration the use of silk window materials and throw pillows that are covered in silk materials. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle one has to be able to add as much texture to their home as they want to just by adding additionally textiles.

The larger the furniture the bigger the statement:

Something that nearly everyone does is to place too many small unnecessary pieces in a room, which in their eyes is adding to its appearance, but the truth is that this usually takes away from its appearance. For instance, if there is a table and chairs that has unusual or big legs placed in a room with a lot of small things, such as nick knacks, vases, and odd & ends, it is only going to serve as an area that will appeal to the eye to be cluttered. So, unless that is the result you are looking for, give some else a try.

Try to give the room a mixture of things (not too much). Something like a huge sofa with a few club chairs (skirted, to hide the view of the legs), a couple of chairs with slender arms, but have attractive or usual carved legs (this part would depend on the available space). The idea is to balance the room out so that it is neither overly bulky or underlie furnished. There are many ideas that can be used in cases where it is only a small apartment that is being decorated. Usually a designer will often suggest having at least one large item of statement if it is a small room, like an armorer or a cabinet. A rule of thumb, for a room to be successful one needs to focus on a mixture of big and little, including accessories.

Using trays, baskets, and decorative bowls is a good thing:

Designers have a field day when it comes to finding a home for those little items that just don’t have a place of their own. Usually these will end up being kept in a basket, decorative bowl, or even trays. It is relatively easy to add a touch of glamour, this can be done by placing a gold or silver tray on the coffee table and adding a few books, a candle, even a bowl of colored rocks. This same concept can be done using an ottoman or a side table.  Little things such as this may seem useless and unnecessary, however, it does serve its purpose when it comes to balancing the room out. If it is a rustic look you are seeking, woven baskets are the route you want to take. Not only are baskets a great way to decorate, they also help in hiding the little things that haven’t a home of their own.

Here are a few niches for you to try in your home:

A try in your bathroom can be arranged into displayed art by placing different perfumes and/or soaps into it. Place different arrangements of flowers in every room. Review your inspiration board, does it show flowers or even plants in most of the room? Chances are, the answer is yes. Adding floral arrangements, plants, and vases, along with rocks and shells makes the perfect final touch you can give to your interior design.

You can find many different plants that consist of little or easy to care for ones that are going to last years with proper water and food. However, designers will usually say to avoid floral arrangements that are flake. If you are not a flower person you can try placing twigs or feathers in a great looking urn.

If you want your room to appear as though it was decorated by a designer it will almost have to have a natural arrangement added to it. You can create a hoe to have a warm and well design to it by using and adding these tips. Add texture, furniture that makes a statement, color, ad natural elements, and keeping the rooms balanced will make it appear as if you hired an interior designer to decorate your home.

Sometimes it helps to snap a picture of the end result, this allows you to view everything and pinpoint what went wrong or what you can change to fix it. Always keeping mind however, you are the one that will have to live with the design, so, are you happy with it? Remember, your home interior reflects who you are!

Got any ideas on designing you want to share?   

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