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An Interview with the Decorator

Posted on March 7, 2012 in Interior Redesign, Purchasing, Style

I was recently interviewed by a local writer who agreed to let us publish a portion of the session on the Divine Blog.  Here is our first installment, hope you enjoy it.

Q: I have seen you make minimal adjustments to furniture placement that result in a big impact?  Can you sum up in one word how this can happen?

A: If I could use only one word it would be balance.  All other factors can be put under that one topic – balance. Sometimes just moving a sofa a couple of inches is all that is necessary to bring it into balance. The redesign process takes into consideration; size, proportion and harmony of objects, all against the room’s architecture. It all adds up to balance.

Q: That’s it, just balance?

A: Think about it. Without balance you couldn’t walk across the floor. We are built for balance, two arms, two legs, two eyes, ears, etc. Balance is natural to the brain and without it the atmosphere seems off. That is one the major problem with a home when a client says, “there’s something wrong with my room and I don’t know what it is”. I know what the answer is and how to fix it.

My style…

Q: How would you describe your own personal style in your home?

A: I consider my style to be “classic eclectic”. I am somewhat traditional but certainly not in the Ethan Allen style. I like classic, easy and comfortable lines in my furniture, and art and accessories that exhibit color and detail. Some of my pieces would fit into any style home. That’s what makes them easy to live with for years.

Q:  How long have you owned some of your furniture?

A:  Interesting question! I have owned my dining room table, chairs and server since – well if I answer that question precisely then I am giving away more than I want to! Let’s just say it is the only dining set I have ever owned. I see no reason to replace it. It’s a Drexel Heritage and I purchased it from a well known furniture store in the Detroit suburbs for my first home which was really small. A few years ago I added a buffet that I found at a consignment store in central Phoenix. It’s a Henredon piece and when the woman said Henredon I knew I was hooked. When they delivered it I thought, what made me hesitate? It’s a great piece, great storage.  I have added new pieces to my home over the years as my taste has developed and my living space has grown.

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