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7 Tips For Completely Redesigning Your Bedroom

Posted on November 17, 2016 in Interior Design, Interior Redesign

7 Tips For Completely Redesigning Your Bedroom

Welcome to Divine Redesign, here we will show you “7 Tips For Completely Redesigning Your Bedroom“. This guide will help you to think about layout, light, circulation as well as more to give you the bedroom of your dreams.

Have you been in a room that just feels perfect? Most of the time it is simply because it has simple design functions that just work well. Creating a simple design is a lot harder than it actually looks, especially in bedrooms.

Why? This is because almost every bedroom has to have a bed in it. Beds happen to be ungainly and big, and literally say where the place of everything else must go. If you are lucky enough to be starting a bedroom from scratch or remodeling an old bedroom, you will be able to control the elements around it to create a space that is not only pretty, but practical.

The bedrooms discussed below have managed that without a hitch. Even if there isn’t a great view, plenty of space to use, or even access to the outdoors, the principles that they have embodied and the simplicity has shown that it can inspire your very own bedroom design.

Because bedrooms happen to be one of the simplest rooms in your home, it can often be overlooked. One of the first things to do to get that great bedroom design is to have a well-designed and efficient floor plan that will give you everything that you are wanting; no matter how much space you have to start with.

Here are your tips to help you to design the bedroom of your dreams.

1.Circulation. You should try to keep the circulation on one side of your room. Hotels do this easily. There is a reason that most hotels have the same type of floor plan: it is because it is quite simple and it works.

Circulation plans can be a challenge when it comes to bedrooms that have doors to the outside or in suite rooms or bedrooms that have bathrooms attached.

In order to be able to save space, you should pay attention to where the closet or bathroom are located within the bedroom. Rooms that have closet or bathroom access before a sleeping area will need a longer hall. If you organize the circulation so that the closet and bathroom are accessed within the sleeping area, you won’t need a hall and you can just add the circulation space into your room to make it feel larger than it is.

2. Focus on your view. Bedrooms will always feel a lot nicer when the first thing that you see is a nice view out of the window instead of looking straight at the bed. If you are remodeling an old bedroom or designing a new one, try to work on a layout that will focus on the view, whether it is something that is really stunning like a shimmering lake or something simple like your back yard.

3. Keep your privacy in mind. It is quite nice to know that you can leave your bedroom door open without having your privacy invaded. Small foyers help to give separation from family rooms and even bedrooms. Try to avoid designing layouts that have where you are looking straight into a bedroom from a public space such as your family room, great room, or kitchen.

4. Connect to the outdoors. Although this may not be best in all climates, connecting a room with the outdoors is a perfect way to make your space feel larger and add more natural light. If your bedroom happens to be on the second story with a terrace or on the ground floor, adding French doors may increase your visual space.

5. Consider the layout of the furniture. The architecture of the bedroom should account for the furniture. Bedroom floor plans will often have a bed wall – but then you have nightstands, chairs, desks, dressers and even TVs. Work with a designer or architect to ensure that there will plenty enough space beside the bed for circulation and nightstands so that you can access at least 3 sides of the mattress.

6. Increasing ventilation and light. Locating the bedroom at the corner of a home can give you more windows on more than one wall. This will give you an added benefit of cross ventilation as well as softer natural light.

7. Take time. A great design will take time and it will normally require you to refine your plan before you come up with the best plan for your life. Don’t just rush through the design, because it worth taking a bit of time to ensure that you will have a functional and efficient plan at the end.

The truth of the matter is that great designs won’t always mean a space that is really expensive and complex to build. Having a space that functions better, is more efficient, and costs less to build as well as easier to maintain can be an amazing example of having a great design.

Thank you for enjoying “7 Tips For Completely Redesigning Your Bedroom“, stay tuned for more from the interior design and redesign experts at Divine Redesign.

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